Right Start is focused on making ventures succeed.

Right Start Group is comprised of three operating entities focused on creating economic and social value. Please visit our affiliated entities below.

Management & Technology

Right Start Consulting

Right Start Consulting is a full-service management and technology consultancy, focused on helping organizations optimize their products and services, improve their financial results and solidify their competitive position in the marketplace. RSC delivers value by helping organizations refine their business strategies, ensure optimal execution, and where needed, help secure an infusion of growth capital. For non-profit entities and government organizations, we optimize the use of limited resources to attain mission objectives in service to their communities and their global constituents.

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Private Equity

Right Start Capital Partners

Right Start Capital Partners seeks to acquire a growing middle-market business in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our team is comprised of experienced business professionals focused on operations. Our objective is to accelerate growth in the business while ensuring business continuity, thereby preserving the legacy established by the previous owners. Right Start Capital Partners will assume management responsibility for the acquired company while preserving staff. We are committed to taking the business to the next level and will work with employees and current owners to ensure a smooth transition.

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Spin-off Incubator

TopSpin Labs

Topspin Labs is the premier technology spin-off incubator for growing companies who have developed proven technologies for new market opportunities.  Our unique approach allows established companies to pursue new adjacent growth opportunities while keeping their internal resources focused on the core business. Topspin Labs will co-found and launch new businesses with our partners, providing an expert management team to incubate the new venture in its earliest stages. Topspin also develops efficient capital strategies to secure investment from internal and external sources.

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